President William Ruto has today, Thursday, March 7, 2024 declared his support for women leaders within the United Democratic Alliance Party. In a candid revelation, President Ruto disclosed his behind-the-scenes efforts to empower women vying for gubernatorial positions, emphasizing the need for their political strategies to resonate with voters.

During the launch of the strategy for the women governors’ caucus in Nairobi, President Ruto shared insights into his mentorship approach, stating, “I know sometimes, in the process of mentorship, you have to tell them some hard facts.” He recounted a pivotal moment with Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika, where he provided guidance on political rhetoric and communication strategies.

President Ruto’s commitment to women’s leadership was further highlighted as he urged Governor Kihika to immerse herself in her home county for stronger community support. He emphasized the importance of women’s active participation in politics, stating, “Women are the drivers of change and agents of democratic governance.”

In a resolute pledge, President Ruto affirmed, “I made a commitment to the women in Kenya Kwanza that we would finally do something about the two-third gender rule.” This declaration signals a significant step towards gender equality in political leadership, showcasing President Ruto’s dedication to empowering women in Kenya.