President William Ruto says he can account for every shilling he has used on foreign travel since he assumed office.

Speaking on Sunday, December 17 during a media briefing, the president said he has been travelling to different countries to salvage Kenya from going over the cliff on debt.

Additionally, Ruto said he has been seeking job opportunities for the Kenyan youth during his international trips.

His response follows heavy critism from a section of Kenyans who have put the president on the spot for the amount of money used during the trips.

“Have I travelled more than the former President [Uhuru Kenyatta]? Yes. I have travelled not as a tourist, I have travelled to sort out the matters of Kenya. Would you rather I sit in Nairobi and see Kenya go down or would you rather I go to South Korea to sort out the problem you see in our electricity space?” he posed.

He added; “Would you rather I sit here or I look for bilateral agreements that will give Kenyans an opportunity to work abroad and to work at home on digital jobs? This is what a President is supposed to do and I can account for every shilling I have spent on my travel.”