President William Ruto on Tuesday, April 30th officially launched the 24th annual supplement of the Laws of Kenya, marking a significant milestone in legal documentation.

Speaking at the event, President Ruto highlighted the importance of the supplement in ensuring that the legal framework remains relevant and accessible to all Kenyans. He stated, “Our laws are the foundation of legitimate authority for all public actions and the protection of citizens’ rights and interests.”

The supplement, prepared in accordance with the Revision of the Laws Act (Cap.1), includes updated versions of laws from 1995 to 2022, covering a wide range of legal documents such as the Constitution of Kenya and various statutes.

President Ruto also stressed the government’s commitment to strengthening the office of the Attorney General to enhance its functions in providing legal advice and representation.

The digital and hard copy versions of the supplement are now available on the e-citizen platform and the Kenya Law website, ensuring easy access for all stakeholders. President Ruto further emphasized the need for digitization of the Attorney General’s office operations to improve access to justice and support business activities in the country.

This launch signifies a pivotal moment in advancing the rule of law and empowering both government entities and citizens with up-to-date legal information.