The government has announced that another 310,000 job opportunities for Kenyans to work abroad await on the horizon from four countries.

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed said on Tuesday that upon completion of ongoing bilateral labour agreements, Kenya will have a green light to send its citizens to the respective nations.

According to Mohamed, there will be 250,000 jobs in Germany, 30,000 agriculture jobs in Israel with 3,000 available by March this year.

He added that 20,000 jobs in the construction and services will be available in Serbia and 10,000 jobs in Russia.

He further reiterated that the healthcare positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2,500 healthcare workers are still open to qualified and interested persons.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, in a statement on January 2, said that the Saudi government would recruit female health workers to be employed as general nurses and healthcare assistant professionals on a two-year renewable contract.

President Ruto is not only focused on employment but also aims to position Kenya as an investment, manufacturing, trade, and tourism destination. This strategic vision underscores Kenya’s potential as a competitive source of professional, skilled, and semi-skilled labor.

The President’s commitment reflects a dedication to global engagement, showcasing Kenya as a nation with opportunities for skilled professionals on an international scale. As the President spearheads these initiatives, there is a clear vision for a prosperous and globally connected Kenya, where its citizens contribute significantly to the global workforce