President William Ruto has urged the World Bank to prioritize bolstering the skills, processes, and resources necessary for the success of the Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP), a pivotal initiative aimed at enhancing urban infrastructure and services in Kenyan counties to drive economic growth and alleviate poverty.

During the launch of the KUSP at State House, Nairobi, President Ruto underscored the crucial role of the World Bank in building capacity for staff in ministries and counties to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the program’s objectives and implementation.

Expressing his appreciation for the World Bank’s commitment, President Ruto stated, “We must work together towards making KUSP a game-changer. I’m happy the World Bank Director has said there’s Ksh100 million to support this program on capacity building. The money must be deployed to ensure the program’s success.”

Highlighting the significance of a robust capacity framework, President Ruto emphasized, “I want to ask the World Bank to ensure that resources for capacity building take precedence, enabling understanding and preventing wastage, pilferage, corruption, and theft.”

President Ruto also expressed confidence in the program’s future, assuring governors and colleagues of continued support to ensure accountability and value for money. Additionally, he outlined the government’s commitment to developing sustainable revenue sources to reduce reliance on foreign loans, underlining the importance of fiscal responsibility in the face of challenges such as climate change impacting urban areas.