President William Ruto has accused the former government of Uhuru Kenyatta of setting aside a budget to bribe courts and influence judicial decisions.

Speaking today January 9, 2024 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Kapsuswa Affordable Housing Project in Uasin Gishu County, President Ruto made the claim, stating, “Some people are saying that because the previous government had a budget to bribe courts, I should go and come up with a budget to bribe the courts. Do you want your money to be used to bribe the courts? No budget will be made to bribe anyone in the courts. The courts are servants of Kenyans.”

President Ruto further emphasized his commitment to fighting corruption within the judiciary, asserting, “I am their lawyer and I cannot bribe the courts; instead of giving bribes to courts, I will end corruption in courts.”

Ruto’s allegations have sent shockwaves through the political landscape, with the President vowing not to be intimidated by court cases and reaffirming his determination to root out corruption within the judiciary. He also expressed his dedication to creating jobs and fulfilling his campaign promises, stating, “The biggest problem in Kenya is unemployment. Please, I want to tell you kuweni na utu. You have jobs, and your children have jobs. The children of the hustler and mama mbogas have no jobs.”