As a proud  fuel supplier in Kenya, I deem it essential to acknowledge and appreciate the critical  role that government intervention, under the leadership of President William Ruto, has played in maintaining stability in fuel prices amidst global uncertainties. We tend to get carried away with the current unfolding a forgetting good work and efforts that have been put in place. President Ruto’s prudent fuel stabilization policy has not only shielded Kenyan consumers from excessive price fluctuations but has also positioned our nation as a paragon of economic stability amid a turbulent global fuel landscape

In recent times, the global fuel market has experienced unprecedented volatility, with prices reaching alarming heights. These price fluctuations, driven by factors such as OPEC production decisions, geopolitical conflicts, seasonal demand fluctuations, and refinery maintenance, have cast a shadow of uncertainty over economies worldwide. Our neighboring countries have not been immune to these challenges, with their citizens grappling with the burden of rising fuel costs.

In stark contrast, Kenya, under the leadership of President Ruto, has remained resilient. The implementation of a fuel stabilization policy, distinct from conventional fuel subsidies, has proven to be a game-changer for our nation. This policy has not only ensured that fuel prices remain steady but has also shielded Kenyan consumers from the brunt of global fuel market dynamics.

Consider the alternative scenario: Had it not been for President Ruto’s foresight in adopting the fuel stabilization policy, petrol prices in Nairobi would likely be in the range of 260-270 Kenyan Shillings per liter, a significant increase from the current 216 Shillings. Diesel prices, too, would have surged to approximately 240-250 Shillings per liter from the current 200 Shillings. Such price spikes would have undoubtedly burdened our citizens and businesses, elevating the cost of living and impeding economic growth.

President Ruto’s astute decision to implement a fuel stabilization policy, which leverages the Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) to cushion consumers from the volatilities of the international fuel market, deserves acknowledgment. It reflects a profound understanding of the challenges faced by ordinary Kenyans and a commitment to alleviating their impact.

In a region where many nations grapple with uncontrollable fuel price fluctuations, Kenya, under President Ruto’s leadership, has emerged as a symbol of stability and resilience. The President’s vision for a prosperous Kenya, where the well-being of every citizen is safeguarded, is exemplified through this remarkable achievement in fuel price stability.

As a fuel supplier, I extend my support to President Ruto’s commendable efforts and encourage all Kenyans to recognize the significance of the fuel stabilization policy. It transcends policy; it is a lifeline for our nation’s economic prosperity and a testament to the dedication of our leadership to the collective welfare of our citizens.

In the midst of the fuel crisis chaos let  us celebrate the wisdom and commitment of President William Ruto, whose fuel stabilization policy has shielded Kenyans from the vagaries of global fuel price fluctuations.