President William Ruto has celebrated the inauguration of Bunge Towers as a significant milestone in Kenya Parliament’s growth, representing a pivotal moment in national development.

Acknowledging public investment in modern amenities for legislators, Ruto emphasized the responsibility of MPs to reciprocate by contributing to democracy, rule of law, and economic progress.

The president also noted that the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) will save millions of shillings annually which went to rent facilities for parliamentary meetings.

The 28-storey building comes with a set of luxurious amenities for Kenyan legislators including a gym, a beauty parlor and a restaurant.

It will also house committee rooms where members will conduct their businesses.

Linking the offices with parliament buildings is an underground tunnel, ostensibly for the security and comfort of MPs.

MPs will be expected to occupy the building in two phases; Phase one will involve moving members from KICC to the Tower or other alternative accommodation, and phase two will have MPs from Continental House occupy the tower.