Treasury Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo has addressed public concerns over the contentious motor vehicle levy, calling upon citizens to propose alternative solutions to the unpopular tax implementation. Defending the government’s stance on the matter, Kiptoo emphasized the need for constructive dialogue and innovative suggestions regarding the motor vehicle tax.

During an interview on Citizen TV, Kiptoo expressed, “We are saying as the National Treasury that if there are better options that come from the public, we will go with that. So we don’t need to insist on that.” He underscored that while the Treasury may not unilaterally withdraw the tax, parliament holds the authority to explore alternative approaches through the Finance bill deliberations.

Highlighting the economic imperative behind the tax, Kiptoo stressed the necessity of generating revenue to address Kenya’s substantial debt burden, which currently stands at Ksh11 trillion. He asserted, “This government is taking decisive action to make some bold decisions… we need to be reliant on ourselves.”

As discussions unfold on the motor vehicle tax proposal, the call for public engagement and collaborative problem-solving remains at the forefront of addressing fiscal challenges in Kenya.