Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Omollo on Monday launched the Kenya Coordinated Border Management Program aimed at combating organized crime and strengthening border security.

The program developed by the Border Management Secretariat (BMS)  focuses on emerging technologies targeted at fostering both National and International cooperation to strengthen border security.

“The program, developed by Border Management Secretariat and Kenya School of Government Security Management Institute, seeks to harmonize policies and procedures across government agencies,” Omollo stated.

It will also be crucial in combating organized crime activities, particularly along the Nation’s border as well as other threats that undermine the country’s peace and national security to promote sustainable Development.

“The Coordinated Border Management Program promotes a unified accountability framework, and encourages resource sharing to boost the overall efficiency of border agencies,” he added.

On March 1 2024 the Border Control and Operations Coordination Committee explored the possibility of establishing official border points in Kibish, along the Kenya-Ethiopia border as well as  Nakitong’o, and  Nawuontoss on the Kenya-Uganda border following a consultative meeting with Turkana county government.