A total of 134,706 students have secured coveted spots in public universities for the upcoming academic year, as revealed by Higher Education and Research Principal Secretary, Beatrice Inyangala.

Alongside this impressive figure, another 18,557 applicants have been successful in gaining admission to various private universities.

Speaking before the Departmental Committee on Education, Inyangala highlighted the rigorous selection process based on merit and individual choice.

“It is remarkable to see the level of interest and dedication among applicants, with a record-breaking 14,564 students vying for a place in the highly competitive Medicine program,” stated Inyangala.

Moreover, she outlined the meticulous planning that went into the development of a new funding model (NFM) set to revolutionize higher education financing in Kenya.

“The NFM aims to ensure transparency, accountability, and equitable distribution of resources to support students in their academic pursuits,” Inyangala explained.

President William Ruto’s endorsement of the NFM marked a significant milestone in the education sector, with key entities such as the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) and Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) actively implementing the model to streamline financial support for students.

This groundbreaking initiative is poised to reshape the educational landscape for generations to come.