Kenya, under President Ruto’s administration, has made an enormous commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in line with the bottom-up economic transformation agenda.

The government has taken strides in women’s empowerment through increased collaboration between all stakeholders, judicial services that facilitate access to justice, rescue as well as support of survivors, creating awareness, and much more.

Women’s representation in key dockets reinforces Kenya’s commitment to gender equality agenda

In the executive, women account for 32% of the Cabinet Secretaries.

Three women are at the helm as Advisors on Women’s Rights & National Security and the Secretary to Cabinet.

President Ruto has also ensured that women hold crucial positions such as women Auditor General Controller of budget Head, Salaries & Remuneration Commission Head, and Commission on Revenue Allocation.

Government budget reforms through public sector hearings provide women with an opportunity to contribute to the budget-making process.

The Standard Chart of Accounts systems track and publicize allocations for gender programming.

In fulfillment of the Generation Equality commitments, a co-financed model of GBV survivors fund with non-state actors is in place.

On Climate Change, the Government launched a granular gender and climate change hotspot mapping and is developing a National Gender and Climate Change Action Plan.