President William Ruto has arrived in Apulia, Italy, for the G7 2024 summit, joining global leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States in a three-day dialogue on pressing international matters.

In a monumental development, President Ruto is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis on the summit’s sidelines to discuss crucial issues surrounding new technology and the continent of Africa’s role in shaping global solutions.

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohammed revealed, “At the G7 Summit, President Ruto will emphasize the importance of involving African countries in processes aimed at finding solutions to global challenges such as climate change and conflicts.”

Additionally, President Ruto is poised to spotlight Africa’s potential for green industrialization, digital transformation, and innovation while outlining reforms within the African Union to enhance trade, development, peace, stability, and global engagement.

Following the G7 Summit, President Ruto will partake in deliberations with other heads of state in Burgenstock, Switzerland, to address the critical issue of peace in Ukraine amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

This summit aims to facilitate high-level discussions on global topics like nuclear security, food security, freedom of navigation, and humanitarian concerns.

President Ruto’s engagement in these pivotal discussions underscores a commitment to fostering a more resilient and collaborative global community. Stay tuned for further updates on this impactful diplomatic mission.