Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy disclosed over the weekend on, June 16, that President William Ruto had shown keen interest in the proposal to establish Ukrainian grain hubs in Kenya. This revelation followed a productive discussion between the two leaders at the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

The initiative, aimed at combatting food insecurity across Africa, originated from Ukraine’s strategic plan to establish grain hubs continent-wide.

The press release from the Ukrainian Presidency highlighted the significance of the talks, underlining the mutual focus on food security and collaborative projects in agricultural exports.

“We discussed the potential involvement of Kenya in establishing Ukrainian grain hubs in African ports,” Zelenskyy stated, hinting at Kenya’s pivotal role in the envisaged project. President Ruto had already signalled Mombasa Port as the probable site for the first hub, with plans to expand to other regions within Africa.

Despite refraining from divulging a timeline for construction, Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for Kenya’s unwavering support amidst Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, acknowledging Ruto’s stance on upholding international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Reflecting on the impact of the Ukrainian war on Kenya’s agricultural sector, President Ruto lamented the adverse effects on farming practices, citing fertilizer scarcity and price fluctuations as direct consequences of the conflict.