President William Ruto has said the government is committed to reforming the dairy sector to boost farmers’ earnings.  

The President explained that the Government is spending Sh5 billion modernising New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) to enhance its efficiency to meet the needs of farmers. 

He observed that the goal of bolstering KCC’s processing capacity is to ensure it handles the entire volume of milk produced by farmers.

The President also directed KCC to begin paying milk farmers Sh50 a litre beginning March 1 and ensure the price never fluctuates. 

“From July 1, farmers will be paid every 15 days. This is how we will eliminate milk hawking which arises when farmers are not paid for two to three months,” he said. 

He made the remarks on Wednesday during the commissioning of the upgraded New KCC in Nyahururu, Laikipia County. 

The President said India has committed to supporting agricultural transformation to the tune of KSh37 billion, out of which Sh5 billion will be used in the modernisation of KCC. 

The President also observed that the Government will help farmers get quality animal breeds that do not consume a lot of feed to maximise profits. 

He noted that the government will also enhance farmers’ access to seasonal credit through the Agricultural Finance Corporation.