President William Ruto has stated that he will continue to press forward with the Affordable Housing Programme, despite facing opposition and legal challenges. Speaking in Meru County today, the President emphasized his dedication to listening to the voice of the Kenyan people.

“I have heard what the people in the opposition are saying and they are opposed to the housing programme. I asked them what is the alternative and they said Maandamano. Do you want the housing programme to continue? Aren’t you the ones who have a say here? Isn’t your voice the voice of God? Now I have the command to continue with this programme,” President Ruto stated.

This announcement comes following today’s Court of Appeal ruling upholding the High Court’s decision to declare the levy deductions for the housing program as unconstitutional. Despite this setback, President Ruto expressed his determination to appeal the ruling, stating, “I have the command to continue with this programme.”

The President also highlighted the importance of the housing program, noting the job opportunities it has created for Kenyans.