SATO Sanitary Toilet Solution That’s Transforming Kenya

Through SilAfrica and partners, Kenyan households and communities are getting elevated through these SATO sanitary toilet solutions that are fixing the sanitation crisis in Kenya, nationwide.

The Kenya Ni Sisi Initiative has been born through these collaborations and has fast grown into a unified, patriotic movement by corporates, organizations, communities, and Kenyans, working together to help the nation rise as one from the COVID-19 crisis.

It became imperative that all stakeholders must unite to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 nationwide and curb its potential for further disruption on Kenyans’ lives and our economy. Individual actions were just not enough. Only coordinated, unified action by Kenyans, communities, businesses, and organisations combined, could greatly scale and hasten the impact of curbing this unprecedented crisis.

The goal of the initiative has been to meet the shortfall of the most essential human needs – water, sanitation, and protection – in vulnerable communities in the country in order to fight COVID-19, while also creating a stream of jobs to combat the fast-growing unemployment crisis.

This initiative will ensure that every county ward is catered to across the nation and their subsequent communities therein, by deploying;

6,000 (3,000 ltr) contactless water stations that have a sustainable water solution

– 100,000 SATO sanitary toilets

1,500,000 PPE

– At least 15 million jobs

By working together as one Kenya, we will ensure that no one Kenyan is left behind. Every Kenyan life matters. Kenya is all of us. Kenya Ni Sisi!

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