Kenya Ni Sisi lion
Photo of a Kenya Ni Sisi Giver
Photo of a Kenya Ni Sisi Giver
Thank you for being the change that Kenya needs

Let’s keep the energy going and continue helping bring water, PPE and jobs to Kenyans nationwide. Make your stand known by having your branded photo on our website’s Givers page.

All you have to do is simply upload your preferred photo below, click submit and let the system auto-brand it with the ‘I Stand With Kenya’ band. View the photo and if you’re happy with it, click the button ‘Add to Givers page’ so it can be uploaded onto the Givers page on our website. 

But don’t stop there, get others to know and be a part of this movement too by sharing your proudly branded photo on Facebook or twitter. Together, let’s help every Kenyan rise. For Kenya is all of us. Kenya Ni Sisi. 

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