A united Mt Kenya region can chart its political path, diminishing the influence and control of external political forces over the region. This autonomy threatens the established political dynamics that rely on a divided Mt Kenya.

Unity allows the region to collectively demand its rightful share of national resources, development projects, and opportunities. This assertiveness could disrupt the allocation priorities of those who prefer a more fragmented and manageable Mt Kenya.

With unity, the people of Mt Kenya can hold the government accountable to the promises made during elections. This increased scrutiny and demand for fulfillment of commitments are unwelcome to those who benefit from lower accountability.

A united Mt Kenya will influence policies that favor their businesses and interests. This power to sway legislation and government decisions is seen to undermine the agendas of other political groups who prefer less competition and influence from the region.

Unity will provide Mt Kenya with a stronger voice in negotiating fair taxation policies. This potential to influence economic decisions challenges the existing fiscal policies that might disproportionately affect the region, thereby unsettling those who benefit from the status quo.