President Ruto’s and the Kenya Kwanza government have made tangible and significant efforts in reducing the rates of unemployment in the country. The President has launched programs as well as made global partnerships with the intention of creating jobs and opportunities for the Kenyan youth, skilled or unskilled.

Affordable Housing Projects top the list of such programs. President Ruto has commissioned the construction of over 30 ongoing projects across the country in the year 2023. These projects, aimed at proving quality and affordable houses to low income and middle class Kenyans has seen over 50,000 Kenyans gain employment.

In healthcare, President Ruto’s Afya Nyumbani has not only increased accessibility to quality health care but also provided job opportunities to more than 20,000 health workers, deploying 8,429 workers whose contracts had lapsed and enrolling 3,394 interns across the country to increase the availability of human capital in our public health sector.

More than 100,000 Community Health Promoters have been also been deployed, giving more Kenyans a chance to gainful employment.

The Kenya Kwanza government in the year 2023 alone has employed more than 56,000 teachers, with President Ruto making a commitment to ensure more teachers are recruited in the coming years. 16,000 others were promoted to higher positions which leads to the financial betterment of these families and communities.

Initiatives such as the installation of 25,000 free public Wi-Fi hotspots and 1,450 digital hubs aim to create over one million online jobs, promote digital literacy, and ensure a more equitable future for Kenyans. President Ruto’s administration is committed to digital inclusion and socio-economic advancement.

Reforms in the agricultural sector have seen an increase in the earnings of farmers in the sub-sectors of tea, coffee, maize, dairy and more. President Ruto also met with the Indian president recently who was delighted to open their markets to Kenyan avocados. This will create more opportunities for new and old farmers as we usher in the New Year.

The Ministry of Labour recently stated that Kenya is ready to sign a BLA with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to better coordinate the Labour migration process. The country has also undertaken comprehensive reforms on pre-departure training and orientation programs to ensure Kenyans workers give their best while abiding by the laws.

Under President Ruto’s strategic partnerships, reforms in the country’s key sectors such as Agriculture, the rates of unemployment can only continue to reduce in the coming year.