Close to KSh144 million from donors’ contributions for the Dishi Na County feeding program cannot be accounted for, raising concerns about financial mismanagement in the County Government of Nairobi.

A significant portion of the missing funds, one million Euros, was specifically earmarked by the French Government to support the program in Nairobi County.

Despite receiving donations, Sakaja has failed to establish regulations for managing the Dishi na County funds, delaying accountability measures.

The funds were paid to the Food for Education Foundation, the implementing partner responsible for the Dishi na County program, but there hasn’t been a direct exchange of funds between the county and the donor.

The Dishi na County program produces 184,000 meals per day against an enrollment of 360,000 children, leaving more than half of the children without access to meals, raising concerns about program effectiveness and resource allocation.

Sakaja’s County Executive Committee has been reluctant to provide detailed information on donor funds and contributions from well-wishers, undermining transparency and accountability.

The Health Committee, tasked with overseeing the program, has questioned why the county administration did not present the proposed regulations for scrutiny, highlighting a lack of cooperation and transparency.

Some parents have raised concerns about the quality and standards of the meals provided under the program, indicating potential dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the initiative.