Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has revealed that 40,000 households have voluntarily relocated from the riparian reserves of Nairobi, Mathare, and Ngong Rivers, along with other mini tributaries, involving a total of 181,000 individuals.

During his inspection of the ongoing reclamation and rehabilitation efforts along various sections of the Nairobi Rivers Corridor, Kindiki expressed gratitude for the public’s cooperation in this vital initiative. He emphasized the dangers faced by those living in these areas, particularly highlighted by the recent devastating floods.

Kindiki confirmed that the government has fulfilled its promise to provide each household with Sh10,000 for relocation to alternative rental accommodations, with priority access to the Affordable Housing Programme. He reiterated the legal prohibition against constructing within the 30-meter riparian corridor due to the risks posed to residents and the environment.

To ensure sustainable results, Kindiki outlined plans for trenching, fencing, and replanting riverine ecosystem trees in the reclaimed areas. By engaging local labor and supporting community-based organizations, the state aims to rejuvenate the riparian corridor ecosystem.

Moreover, the Interior CS announced forthcoming measures to unclog, drain, and revitalize the Nairobi Rivers, alongside the establishment of new recreational facilities for public use. Kindiki concluded by affirming that these efforts will enhance community security, curb illegal activities, and reclaim these vital natural spaces for the benefit of all citizens.