On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, we take a moment to commend President William Ruto for his remarkable commitment to the advancement of education in Kenya and the welfare of our esteemed educators. President Ruto’s steadfast advocacy for education transformation has led to significant achievements that deserve both recognition and applause.

Foremost among these achievements is the historic recruitment of over 56,000 new teachers. This unprecedented initiative has not only addressed the long-standing issue of teacher shortages but has also significantly improved the teacher-pupil ratio, consequently elevating the quality of education throughout the nation.

In addition to alleviating staffing concerns, President Ruto’s administration has taken significant steps towards the professional growth of teachers. A total of 14,000 educators have received well-deserved promotions, not only recognizing their dedication but also motivating them to continue delivering excellence in education.

Another laudable accomplishment is the substantial increase in teachers’ salaries, ranging from 7% to 10%. This long-awaited financial boost not only reflects the government’s appreciation of the pivotal role teachers play in shaping our nation but also underscores its commitment to enhancing their overall quality of life.

Furthermore, President Ruto’s government has placed a high priority on creating conducive working conditions for teachers. Recognizing that educators require essential resources and support, these efforts are fundamental to their effectiveness in the classroom.

As we commemorate World Teachers’ Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to President William Ruto for his unwavering support for teachers and the education sector in Kenya. His transformative initiatives set a remarkable precedent and serve as a beacon of hope for the teaching profession. President Ruto’s dedication to education underscores the pivotal role teachers play in our society and reaffirms his commitment to a brighter future for our nation through education.