Kenya’s coffee industry has witnessed a remarkable resurgence, thanks to the determined efforts of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, bolstered by the unwavering support of President Ruto’s government. Prior to their interventions, coffee farmers faced a daunting challenge, receiving a mere Ksh20 per kilogram as an advance payment for their precious crop. However, a game-changing moment arrived when President Ruto’s administration allocated a substantial Ksh4 billion for Guaranteed Minimum Returns, causing coffee payments to surge fourfold.

Today, coffee growers are experiencing a transformation in their fortunes, with earnings now standing at an impressive Ksh80 per kilogram. This unprecedented boost has injected renewed hope and optimism into Kenya’s coffee farming community, showcasing the enormous potential within the sector.

But the good news doesn’t end here. Deputy President Gachagua has set his sights on an even brighter future, one where coffee farmers could potentially receive a Guaranteed Minimum Return of Kshs. 150 per kilogram. This visionary goal is contingent on the ongoing reforms that are reshaping the coffee industry and challenging the influence of entrenched coffee cartels.

As these reform initiatives gain momentum, and the battle against cartels persists, the prospect of reaching Kshs. 150 as a Guaranteed Minimum Return is steadily coming into view. The nation’s coffee farmers can look forward to a more prosperous future, secure in the knowledge that their dedication and hard work are being duly recognized and rewarded. Kenya’s coffee industry is poised for a renaissance, promising an era of prosperity for all involved.