Public Service Cabinet Secretary Hon. Moses Kuria has announced the allocation of enclosed offices for Judiciary e-filing desks. He announced the launch of the nationwide e-filing system and data tracking dashboard.

Speaking during the event, Kuria affirmed the government’s commitment to the privacy of users.

“In every Huduma Centre we are going to have an enclosed room for judiciary so that someone can feel free to file their cases in complete privacy,” he stated.

He emphasized that Huduma centers will have a Judiciary desk that will ensure that those who do not have access to equipment can get the services discreetly.

Kuria further lauded the Judiciary for the milestone they have just taken in improving their services and making justice easily accessible to citizens and promised to support them in his capacity.

According to the CJ, the e-filing system will establish a paperless environment, and reduce geographical barriers to accessing justice.

“E-filing allows for remote case filing, offering a convenient platform for legal practitioners and the public to engage with the justice system online, thereby improving accessibility, efficiency, and inclusivity,” she stated.

The CJ described the launch as a transformative step in making our justice system more efficient and accessible.

“The expansion of e-filing beyond Nairobi began with the rollout in Mombasa County in April 2023, with 13 counties already on-boarded. We are now reaching a national scale with court stations in the remaining 34 counties being on-boarded today,” the CJ stated.

She encouraged legal practitioners and litigants, to familiarize themselves with the e-filing system and to use it to its fullest potential.

“By doing so, you will not only contribute to the improvement of our justice system but also reap the benefits of a more accessible, user-friendly, and efficient platform for the resolution of disputes,” she stated.

She also pointed out that the judiciary will work closely with the Attorney General’s office, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), the National Police Service (NPS), the Prisons Service, and the probations service to ensure that the e-filing system is fully integrated and operational within all our institutions.

“By harnessing the power of technology, we can work together to deliver justice more effectively and expeditiously to the citizens of Kenya,” she said.