Amid escalating divisions within the UDA party and the Kenya Kwanza government, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reiterated his commitment to fostering unity in the Mt Kenya region, emphasizing the necessity of grassroots-led cohesion.

During the launch of the Bahati’s Empire Reality Show, Gachagua emphasized the significance of uniting communities to achieve national unity, asserting, “You cannot unite from the top, it cannot work… the unity of the country is also bottom up.”

Addressing criticisms labeling him a tribalist, Gachagua defended his approach, stating, “There is no way Kenya can be united unless we do it the bottom-up way.” He underscored the importance of addressing region-specific challenges while striving for overarching national cohesion.

Furthermore, tensions within the UDA party have escalated, with President William Ruto and allies cautioning against divisive tribal politics. Ruto urged MPs to prioritize national transformation over tribal allegiances, warning against the dangers of polarizing communities based on ethnicity.

As Gachagua faces opposition within UDA over his unity initiative, the rift highlights broader ideological differences and power struggles within the party, setting the stage for potential shifts in political dynamics in the coming days.