Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recently discussed vital issues in an illuminating interview on Inooro FM. He stressed unity with President William Ruto, emphasizing their close working relationship. He also debunked claims of excessive government borrowing, highlighting substantial debt repayments.

Gachagua discussed healthcare improvements, acknowledging Community Health Promoters’ valuable work and their recent support. He addressed challenges in the coffee industry, urging patience from coffee farmers, assuring them of guaranteed returns in the near future. Efforts to secure better coffee markets, including in Germany, were highlighted.

The interview clarified unity among leaders from the mountain region, challenging media narratives of division. Gachagua assured that the cabinet reshuffle aimed at enhancing service delivery and encouraged new appointees to work diligently.

Regarding the war on illicit brews and drug abuse, he reported substantial progress and called for collective efforts to combat these issues.

Gachagua’s interview offered insights into the government’s commitment to unity, responsible financial management, healthcare, agriculture, and combating societal problems, reflecting a dedication to Kenya’s well-being and progress.

In this extensive interview, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressed pressing issues facing Kenya, offering clarity and assurance on various fronts. His commitment to unity, prudent governance, and improved services underscores the government’s dedication to the welfare and progress of all Kenyans.