The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has mandated the temporary closure of petrol stations affected by floods nationwide.

The announcement, made on Wednesday 30th April 2024, emphasized the risks posed to energy and petroleum infrastructure by the ongoing heavy rains.

EPRA highlighted the potential damage to Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems and the discharge of products caused by flood waters or prolonged heavy rainfall. The presence of water in USTs can compromise the quality of petroleum products, leading to vehicle breakdowns.

Retail petrol stations impacted by flooding were instructed to remain closed temporarily for assessment and cleanup. EPRA stressed, “Any retail petrol station which has been flooded should temporarily remain closed and monitored,” underscoring the importance of ensuring public safety and product quality.

Furthermore, EPRA directed all petrol stations to anticipate and mitigate any environmental impact of the flooding. Stations were urged to communicate with relevant authorities to comply with necessary protocols based on the severity of the flooding in their areas.

The directive follows reports of flooded petrol stations in Mbagathi, Nairobi, Thika, and Ruiru, posing contamination risks to fuel tankers.

The country’s unprecedented heavy rainfall has led to widespread displacement and evacuations, with over 120 fatalities reported. The opposition has called on President William Ruto to declare the flooding a national disaster.