As a Peace Ambassador, I wholeheartedly support the Kenyan government’s commitment to fostering sustainable peace through a collaborative institutional framework. This framework incorporates state, non-state actors, and communities at both national and regional levels, making it an essential step toward achieving lasting peace and stability in our nation.

Firstly, this approach ensures that peace is addressed holistically. It recognizes that peace is not just the absence of conflict but also the presence of social, economic, and political stability. By involving various stakeholders, including government entities, non-governmental organizations, and local communities, we can tackle the multifaceted nature of peace effectively.

Secondly, inclusivity and representation are at the core of this initiative. It provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard and considered in the decision-making process. When all parties participate, the resulting solutions are more likely to be equitable and sustainable.

Moreover, this process plays a pivotal role in conflict resolution and prevention. By addressing the root causes of conflicts and working proactively to prevent future disputes, we can maintain stability and avoid violent outbreaks that can disrupt our nation’s progress.

Furthermore, sustainable peace is intricately linked to economic and social transformation. When individuals and communities live in peaceful environments, they can invest in education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, leading to the overall development of society.

Lastly, the Kenyan government’s commitment to peacebuilding aligns with international efforts to create peaceful and prosperous nations worldwide. By demonstrating our dedication to this cause, Kenya contributes to the global mission of building a more harmonious world.

I am deeply encouraged by the leadership of Internal Security PS Raymond Omollo and the government’s timely focus on this issue. The upcoming National Peace Building Architecture Review report not only serves as a roadmap for our nation but also as a beacon of hope for peace ambassadors like myself. Together, we can build a peaceful and prosperous future for all Kenyan citizens.