In a bid to safeguard the agricultural sector, the government has escalated its crackdown on counterfeit seeds as the planting season approaches. Kenya Seed Company has taken a firm stance against unscrupulous traders peddling fake seeds to unsuspecting farmers, particularly in the Mt Kenya and North Rift regions.

CEO Sammy Chepsorir issued a stern warning, emphasizing the detrimental impact of fake seeds on the nation’s food security. He stated, “Farmers across the country have been counting losses because of planting fake seeds which have poor yields. We urge them to be extra vigilant not to fall prey to these traders.”

Chepsorir revealed that multiple suspects have already been apprehended in areas like Bomet and parts of Mt Kenya. The company has also introduced a unique code system for farmers to verify seed authenticity by sending an SMS after purchase.

Chairperson Wangui Ngirichi emphasized the importance of farmers’ vigilance, urging them to scratch the code on seed packets for verification. Ngirichi emphasized the significance of planting certified seeds to enhance crop productivity and bolster the nation’s food reserves.

The government’s collaborative efforts with security agencies aim to eliminate the circulation of fake seeds and protect farmers from falling victim to fraudulent practices. With the planting season fast approaching, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and prioritize the use of genuine seeds to ensure a successful harvest.