President Ruto has announced that his administration seeks to expand the size of Thwake Dam at an additional cost of Sh7 billion. This is in alignment with the Kenya Kwanza government’s commitment to meeting the water needs of residents in the region.

He said the money has been made available for the expansion of the dam to meet the needs of residents in the region.

Speaking in Wote town yesterday, President Ruto said after completion, the dam will provide water for domestic use, livestock and irrigation to increase food production in the region.

“We are going to increase the size of the dam. The dam is expected to be complete by mid this year. I will come to commission it before the end of the year,” Ruto said.

The Government announced in the year 2023 that they plan to build 100 large and 1,000 small dams, thereby increasing the acreage under irrigation from the current 670,000 to 3 million as well as providing Kenyans with accessible water for domestic use.

In addition to the dam expansion, President Ruto announced the commencement of construction for affordable houses in Wote town, with plans to build 3,000 houses in the county.

Furthermore, funds have been allocated for last-mile power connections in Makueni, benefiting 25,000 people, and the construction of five markets in the county.