President Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza government has pledged to support and enable the Kenyan farmer in all ways possible. From the education and awareness of farming practices to provision of inputs and fertilizers, to the dryers of maize to milk coolers for dairy farmers.

On Friday, the President and the CS for Agriculture Hon. Mithika met the Dairy sector players for an engagement forum on enhancing competitiveness and expanding value-added opportunities for Kenya’s Dairy sector.

The government will distribute 650 milk coolers to farmers through cooperative societies who will be linked to processors as part of the Government’s plan to boost milk quality, quantity, and price.

The provision of these coolers will be very beneficial to dairy farmers in various ways.

  1. Preservation of Produce.

Milk coolers help farmers store their milk at the right temperature. This means the milk stays fresher for longer, reducing wastage and ensuring that farmers can sell high-quality milk.

This will in turn lead to better prices for the farmers as fresher milk can be sold at the best possible market price. In turn, the lives of many Kenyan farmers will be improved significantly.

  • Increase in Dairy Farming.

With the assurance that their milk will be properly stored, farmers may be encouraged to increase their milk production, leading to more income for them and a greater milk supply for the nation.

Ultimately, this will also benefit the cooperatives which are very important to the Kenyan farmers.

  • Economic Growth.

The BETA Plan is built on improving the lives of Kenyans through the success of the key sectors of the country such as the agricultural sector. Provision of milk coolers will see more farmers embrace farming, which with government support in processing and marketing to global markets will lead to the economic growth of the country.