Mecline Achieng, a Health Worker in Babadogo, in Nairobi has expressed her gratitude to the government and the Ministry of Health for their efforts in the Polio Campaign. The second phase of this program is currently on going all across the country.

Ms. Achieng has thanked the government for this chance to educate parents on the importance of the polio vaccine to the health of the Kenyan children.

The Polio Vaccine plays an important role in protecting the future of the country’s children by preventing a deadly disease.

Polio is a dangerous disease that can cause paralysis and even death, particularly in children. The government’s campaign focuses on vaccinating every child against this menace.

By doing this, the Ministry of Health and the government are ensuring that the country’s little ones are shielded from the devastating effects of polio.

Health workers like Ms. Achieng are also taking the opportunity to educate parents about the importance of vaccines and maintaining overall good health. This knowledge empowers families to make informed choices for their children’s well-being.

The government is dedicated to protecting all the children in the country. Ensuring No Child is left behind in the second round of Polio Campaign.