Support for Universal Health Coverage (UHC):

The Universal Health Care Bill is a crucial step in supporting the improvement of the Universal Health Coverage plan, which aims to provide healthcare services to all Kenyan citizens, ensuring that nobody is left behind.

Four Key Bills:

The signing of four key bills is a significant part of the initiative. These bills include the Social Health Insurance Bill, Digital Health Bill, Primary Healthcare Bill, and Facility Improvement Financing Bill.

Digitizing Healthcare Services:

The Digital Health Bill promotes the digitization of healthcare services, allowing for the use of telemedicine and ending written transactions. This modernization can enhance the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare.

Strengthening Preventive Health:

The Primary Healthcare Bill aims to strengthen preventive health services by involving the 100,000 community health promoters commissioned by the President. This step is essential for promoting early intervention and disease prevention.

Reorganization of Health Insurance:

The Social Health Insurance Bill reorganizes health insurance by abolishing the National Health Insurance Fund and creating three new funds: a Primary Health Care Fund, a Social Health Insurance Fund, and a Chronic Illness and Emergency Fund. This reorganization can ensure that health resources are allocated more effectively.

Preservation of Healthcare Funds:

The Facility Improvement Financing Bill restricts funds raised in public health facilities to ensure that these funds are not diverted for uses outside of healthcare. This safeguards resources for improving healthcare infrastructure and services.

Timely Launch of UHC Plan:

The signing of these bills precedes the launch of the UHC plan in Kericho County during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to providing quality healthcare to the citizens.

Public Involvement and Advocacy:

President Ruto acknowledged the collective effort and advocacy of the people of Kenya in shaping the healthcare system. He emphasized the importance of a system that protects families from financial burdens caused by illness.