In the past one year the Kenya Kwanza government has been dedicated to ensuring government services are digitalized. The program dubbed Gava Mkononi has seen more than 5,000 government services digitized.  

Kenyans can now make applications for processes in all the ministries with a platforms such as ArdhiSasa, Kenyans can access services such as Registration, Valuation and Survey services as well as customer service and an information section that will enable Kenyans learn more about land ownership and leasing in the country.

Service delivery to the common Mwananchi is now simplified, saving time and resources for the citizens while ensuring peak service accessibility.

The Ministry of Lands has received 262 computers from Konza National Data Centre and Smart Facility’s Project. The computers will be used to strengthen the department’s revenue collection systems. These will also expedite processes in the ministries which will be for the benefit of the common Mwananchi. The Kenya Kwanza government is seeking to empower Kenyans by ensuring more legal land owners are issued with title deeds. Improved revenue collection will help fasten this process for very many Kenyans.

With revenue collection being digitized, transparency will be significantly improved. This will enable the Ministry to fast track service delivery while also reducing the cases of misuse of public funds. As President Ruto has stated on numerous occasions, the Kenya Kwanza government will not tolerate corruption or misappropriation of public funds.