A joint East African bid from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania has won the rights to hold the 2027 tournament.

Being one of the host nations of the AFCON 2027, Kenya is expected to benefit both on and off the pitch from hosting the continent’s biggest sporting event, with building of stadiums and also attracting tourists from different parts of the world, who will come to sample what the the three East African nations have to offer.

Nairobi City, which is expected to house the sporting facilities will get infrastructural boosts with revamping of new social amenities as many tourists are expected to visit.

Kenya’s image will be positively impacted from the influx of people coming to patronize the tournaments, from local hospitality, catering and entertainment industries.

In 2019, Egypt’s revenue from the Africa Cup reached $83 million dollars according to Confederation of African Football (CAF). The revenue for the tournament edition exceeded the one held in Equatorial Guinea in 2015 and Gabon in 2017.

For Kenya, Nairobi, is a main center of action and attraction because it is the only city with a national park. It is also the largest city in East Africa and considered the most developed.

Another significant benefit of hosting this prestigious competition is investment which inevitably leaves a legacy of improved sporting venues and the creation of local jobs .