Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Tuesday convened a significant Avocado Stakeholders Consultative meeting in a proactive approach to engaging with various players within the avocado industry, to sort problems beleaguering the sector.

The meeting brought together avocado farmers, aggregators, exporters, and processors, ensuring diverse perspectives and expertise are considered in addressing the challenges faced by the subsector.

DP Gachagua acknowledged there exists some issues in the Finance Act and promised the Ruto administration will look into them and make the necessary changes for the benefit of farmers.

He pledged to address the tax grievances, stakeholders’ involvement in matters enhancing their formalization as cooperatives, and other issues raised by avocado farmers within a specific timeline of 30 days, starting from tomorrow.

”We have a government that is responsible. We have a government that listens.We know there is a challenge with the Finance Act and Members of Parliament have acceded that there is a challenge. In a document we may have one or two clauses that go counter to the intended objective,” he said.

”Discussions on the Finance Bill have started in earnest. In the next two or three months, MPs will do what they need to do so that amendments will be made to reflect the reality of the agriculture sector so that we do not discourage farmers to produce.”

During this period, a thorough review of the tax-related issues and other concerns raised by avocado farmers will be conducted. The aim is to find viable solutions that address the farmers’ grievances effectively.

He assured that a detailed report on the progress made in resolving the avocado farmers’ issues will be prepared and presented within the stipulated 30-day timeframe.

The meeting addressed concerns raised by avocado farmers regarding new levies, reflecting a proactive stance in addressing the needs and challenges faced by stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

Policymakers, industry experts, and avocado farmers themselves, will be involved in the resolution process to ensure comprehensive and inclusive solutions are achieved.