Kenya building a Museum, and Documenting the real history of human origins is a win for African people, here at home and in the diaspora.

Strongly convinced President Ruto is surrounded by scholars and knows the real history of our people. Chief of KDF, Gen Francis Ogolla tasked with bringing the Museum and real, relevant historical data to life.

Next step should be replacing the Eurocentric history taught in our schools with the real history of our people.

That we are the original humans created by God. And Never Monkeys or Bottom of the Barrel Peoples.

”History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of the day.” – Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

On Friday, President William Ruto appointed Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla the task force chairperson on the Development of Kenya Home of Human Origins Museum and Science Park in the Lake Turkana Basin steering committee.

Dr. Ogolla and his team is be tasked with undertaking eight roles including mapping out historical sites in the basin. The team will be tasked with mapping out areas linked to the first human species.

Kenya has been described as the cradle of humanity due to the discovery of Australopithecus, and subsequently, the Homo erectus, famously known as the “Turkana Boy”.

Further, Ogolla and his team were tasked with undertaking research on the fossils found in the area and establishing a database for the same.