President William Ruto recently announced that Kenya has witnessed a remarkable surge in staple food production, with a significant 45% increase in output. Speaking at a church event in Dagoretti South, President Ruto attributed this agricultural success to his approach of subsidizing production, which aimed to boost food security in the country.

Ruto disclosed that Kenyan farmers had yielded an impressive 44 million bags of maize, marking a substantial 45% increase compared to the previous four seasons. He expressed optimism that this upward trend would lead to more stable maize flour prices in Kenya and provide relief to consumers.

The president highlighted the significance of the recent harvest, emphasizing that it was a result of favorable weather conditions, including abundant rainfall, which had not been experienced in the past four years. He reassured the nation that the government’s mission was to prevent a return to the times when a 2kg packet of maize flour sold at exorbitant prices of up to KSh 230.

While acknowledging that maize prices had escalated in the past due to a shortage of nearly ten million bags caused by drought, President Ruto explained that government efforts included distributing fertilizers and praying for rain to mitigate these challenges.