Kenya is hosting the 1st Climate Change Global Business Summit in six days, once again thrusting the country into the global limelight as it hosts 200 CEOs, world economists, and influential personalities across the globe.

The Climate Change Global Summit on Africa will be a top-level international conference based in Africa, built for Africa and designed to raise global attention on the industrial evolution necessary to make the continent resilient to severe climate shocks, thanks to stronger cooperation between the public and the private sectors.

President William Ruto has been at the forefront urging the international community to form a huge coalition for collective climate action.

In cooperation with several leading international public and private stakeholders, the Summit is designed to raise global attention to the contribution that the private sector can provide in addressing the most pressing challenges caused by climate change in the African Continent.

More than 200 CEOs, political leaders, economists, and influential personalities will participate, and international media will cover the event.

Among the key topics to be discussed will include climate finance, clean operations and climate protection, energy transition and critical raw materials, communicating climate change, CEOs’ views on climate change, and agro-industry.