The Ministry of Health has issued a set of eight sanitation guidelines to schools in response to the prevailing weather conditions, aiming to mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks.

The advisory, dated Saturday, May 18, emphasizes the importance of preparedness in schools, urging administrators to establish evacuation routes and warning systems for potential flooding incidents. Furthermore, school heads and parents are instructed to prioritize the treatment of drinking and cooking water to safeguard students’ health.

Health PS Mary Muthoni underscored the significance of proactive measures, stating, “The Ministry also calls on public health departments to support schools by conducting regular sanitary inspections, testing water quality, and responding promptly to any health concerns raised by schools.”

The guidelines also stress the need for students to use mosquito nets and wear protective clothing to prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Schools are directed to maintain proper sanitation practices, including the upkeep of toilets, bathrooms, and food storage facilities, to prevent contamination and ensure a safe learning environment.

Health PS Mary Muthoni reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to student safety, urging schools to promptly report any disease outbreaks. The advisory follows the recent reopening of schools after a two-week extension due to adverse weather conditions, including floods that have led to health risks and necessitated heightened sanitation measures in educational settings.