President William Ruto has issued a clarion call for increased collaboration among the branches of government to better serve the people of Kenya. Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of newly appointed High Court judges at State House on Tuesday, President Ruto stressed the importance of harmonious working relationships within the government.

“It is time to utilize our capacities and resources to establish collaborative frameworks on issues where we can align and advance the national interest without sacrificing our constitutional autonomy,” President Ruto emphasized, highlighting the need for mutual cooperation while respecting the boundaries set by the Kenyan Constitution.

President Ruto reaffirmed the Executive’s commitment to bolstering the Judiciary’s capacity to dispense justice effectively, particularly through infrastructure development initiatives. He underscored the critical role of a robust Judiciary in upholding the nation’s economy, security, and the rights of its citizens.

“As the Executive, we have a strong interest in an effective and efficient Judiciary because our nation’s economy and security, and the people’s rights and freedoms depend on it,” President Ruto affirmed, pledging unwavering support for enhancing the Judiciary’s ability to deliver justice across the country.

The swearing-in of the 20 judges, including prominent names like Moses Ado Otieno and Alice Chepngetich Bett Soi, follows their appointment by President Ruto on May 9, 2024, after vetting by the Judicial Service Commission. The President’s call for collaboration sets the stage for a more cohesive and effective governance structure aimed at serving the Kenyan populace with diligence and integrity.