During the opening session of the International Development Association (IDA21) summit in Nairobi, President William Ruto emphasized the importance of unity as Africa’s strength amidst the continent’s challenges. Ruto asserted, “Faced with the relentless challenge of climate change and escalating instability, our unity is our strength.”

He highlighted the need for Africa to focus on safeguarding its future despite potential divisive forces. Ruto expressed Africa’s readiness to contribute solutions and emphasized the continent’s potential for prosperity through its resources and innovative spirit.

Ruto outlined Africa’s commitment to empowering the African Union Commission, enhancing oversight through the Pan-African Parliament, and establishing an African Court of Justice. He emphasized the continent’s pursuit of partnerships for progress, particularly in Climate Positive Growth, aligning with the Nairobi Declaration for sustainable livelihoods.

The President emphasized Africa’s aspirations to transform agriculture, ensure water security, and expand energy access to create job opportunities for its youth. Ruto reiterated Africa’s dedication to self-determination, responsible resource management, and transparency in socio-economic development plans to drive industrialization and utilize IDA funds effectively.