President William Ruto has pledged to purchase school uniforms and shoes for all students at the recently inaugurated Lenana Primary School.

During the school’s official opening ceremony on Monday, President Ruto expressed his commitment to ensuring that each student, including those newly enrolled, receives the necessary uniforms. He highlighted the importance of allowing students to focus on their studies without being hindered by the lack of appropriate attire.

“These children have arrived with uniforms from other schools or even in casual clothes. Before the new uniforms arrive, it is crucial that these children are welcomed into the classrooms to continue their education,” stated President Ruto.

President Ruto likened the students to his own grandchildren, emphasizing his personal investment in their education and well-being.

Additionally, President Ruto marked the commencement of the second term by ringing the school bell, symbolizing the official start of classes.

The President’s announcement comes following the recent postponement of school reopening due to heavy rains and subsequent flooding across the country. Accompanied by key government officials and local leaders, President Ruto’s visit to Lenana Primary School underscores his dedication to supporting education and student welfare.