President William Ruto has pledged to enhance financing for women’s programs in an effort to promote gender equality and empowerment. President Ruto spoke today, Friday, March 8, 2024, at the Moi Stadium in Embu County, emphasizing his commitment to bolstering support for women throughout the country.

“We have disbursed Ksh942 million to 1.4 million women who are members of 53,000 women groups and are already accessing affordable financial facilities through the women’s fund,” affirmed President Ruto, emphasizing the impact of the government’s initiatives.

Ruto directed Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa to spearhead transformative reforms within the Women Enterprise Fund, including the elimination of collateral requirements and a significant reduction in interest rates to six per cent. These groundbreaking measures are poised to alleviate financial constraints for women entrepreneurs and facilitate their access to crucial funding.

Moreover, President Ruto unveiled plans to amplify the fund’s resources and streamline its distribution to reach a wider demographic of women nationwide. Emphasizing the imperative of gender inclusivity, Ruto cited the National Dialogue Committee report and reiterated the government’s dedication to upholding the two-thirds gender rule.

“We have decided as a party and as a government that the national assembly… will make sure we pass the matter,” declared President Ruto, affirming the administration’s resolute stance on gender parity in leadership roles.