President William Ruto inaugurated the second phase of the Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP2) on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. This initiative, supported by the World Bank, aims to bolster urban institutions and enhance infrastructure resilience and service delivery.

“The launch of KUSP2 signifies our unwavering commitment to sustainable urban growth and inclusive development,” President Ruto emphasized.

With a focus on transforming refugee camps into integrated host communities, KUSP2 will drive reforms in key Results Areas, including improved urban services, enhanced private sector engagement, and integrated development for refugees and host communities.

“The program’s emphasis on strengthening urban institutions and fostering resilience aligns with our vision for inclusive and sustainable urban areas,” Vice President Ruto stated.

Building upon the success of KUSP1, which provided vital support to 45 counties, this new phase underscores the government’s dedication to addressing urban development challenges and promoting effective urban management.

As part of the broader Kenya Urban Program (KenUP), KUSP2 heralds a new chapter in Kenya’s urban landscape, paving the way for enhanced infrastructure, service delivery, and urban resilience.