President William Ruto’s ambitious plan to plant 15 billion trees by 2032 has garnered widespread acclaim.

A prominent University don has lauded the initiative, citing the urgent need to address Kenya’s dwindling forest cover, which has plummeted from 30% to a mere 8.5%. Vincent Ogutu, Vice-Chancellor of Strathmore University, emphasized the critical nature of the initiative, stating, “Planting more and more trees is a necessary cause of action because Kenya’s forest cover has diminished significantly.”

The call for action comes as a Google greening map for Africa reveals Kenya’s alarming resemblance to a desert, with the green belt extending only to Uganda and Tanzania. Ogutu urged all Kenyan universities to join forces in planting trees to aid in the restoration of the country’s forest cover.

The joint tree planting exercise between Strathmore University and South Eastern Kenya University saw the planting of thousands of mango seedlings, symbolizing a united effort towards environmental conservation.

Furthermore, South Eastern Kenya University has unveiled plans to establish a solar energy plant to bolster their sustainability efforts. With youth actively participating in tree planting initiatives across the country, the importance of environmental conservation in the face of climate change cannot be understated. Gillian Mutanu, County director for youth affairs, emphasized the crucial role of the youth in safeguarding the environment for future generations.