Kenyans love their milk. Be it in tea or coffee for the millennials and Gen Z, or Mursik and Mala for Ugali, any forms of Milk is loved all over the country. Dairy farming is therefore important to the country’s social fabric.

The government has made a commitment to enable and empower the dairy farmers by proving about 650 milk coolers to cooperatives all over the country. Kenyans across the country will benefits from this show of support by the government in several ways.

  1. Assured Freshness.

In any shopping center, there is a dairy cooperative shot where Kenyans buy their milk either in the early morning hours or late in the evenings. Whichever time ones wishes to buy milk, the assurance of freshness will be guaranteed with the provision of these coolers.

Proper milk storage ensures that milk is safe to drink.

  • Stability in Prices.

Coolers will encourage more farmers to embrace dairy farming which will stabilize the supply in the market. This will ensure that the common Mwananchi will be protected from unexpected price hikes that arise during shortages.

With a consistent milk supply, the price of milk is less likely to fluctuate, making it more affordable for consumers.

  • Nutrition Benefits.

Milk is a very good source of many nutrients that are essential to the health of Kenyans. Milk is rich in nutrients for school going children as well. Its availability and quality are crucial for the nutritional needs of Kenyan families.