President William Ruto has commended the Kenya Defense Forces as an institution that excellently discharges its mandate. He said the military has been a model institution that has guaranteed Kenya’s peace and stability.

Noting that the strength of a nation is dependent on its institutions, the President said the government is strengthening the Kenya Defense Forces to guarantee the country’s peace and stability.

President Ruto explained that the government is strengthening all public institutions to make them deliver on their mandate, including food production, job creation and healthcare provision, among others.

“As you provide security and stability for our nation, we will work smart and hard to make sure that we deliver on our commitments to the people of Kenya,” he said.

The President pointed out that the country’s security and stability, saying without them “it becomes much more difficult to achieve all other aspirations”.

He made the remarks yesterday during the swearing-in of the newly appointed Kenya Defense Forces vice Chief and Service Commanders at State House, Nairobi. The officers were appointed yesterday.

The Head of State affirmed the government’s commitment to a united Kenya devoid of tribalism and division.

“It is my desire that we eliminate tribalism, ethnicity and marginalization and consolidate our nation into a peaceful, united and progressive nation,” he said.