President William Ruto has affirmed Kenya’s commitment to maintaining an independent voting stance on the global stage, even if it means diverging from the United States’ position, should their interests differ.

During an interview with AlJazeera, President Ruto underscored Kenya’s autonomy in defining its geopolitical position, especially in contentious issues like the Palestine conflict, amidst Kenya’s deepening ties with Washington.

“Our position is very clear. We speak for ourselves, we think for ourselves, and we drive our own point,” President Ruto emphasized.

He reiterated Kenya’s independent decision-making, emphasizing that Kenya’s stance was distinct from that of the US.

Regarding Kenya’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, President Ruto expressed optimism for an amicable resolution and highlighted Kenya’s consistent support for Palestine as an independent state in UN votes.

In addressing peacekeeping missions, Ruto emphasized the importance of neutrality and inclusivity in mediating conflicts, citing Kenya’s successful track record in leading peace efforts.

President Ruto’s unwavering commitment to Kenya’s sovereignty in international relations signals the country’s resolve to uphold its principles on the global stage, even in the face of evolving diplomatic dynamics.